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How to buy waterproof testing equipment

Waterproof testing equipment is an important process to ensure product quality and production safety. Its role in the production process has been widely recognized, and its application fields are becoming more and more extensive. It has expanded from the previous automobile manufacturing industry to the current general electronic components, household appliances, safety products, medical equipment, etc. The main function of the air tightness detector is to determine the air tightness, waterproof performance and leakage of the product.

In order to improve detection accuracy and efficiency, and realize detection automation, the currently popular airtightness detection method is the differential pressure method. The original gas pressure in the container is reduced, and the actual gas leakage of the container can be obtained by measuring the pressure drop of the gas in the container, so as to achieve the purpose of air tightness test.


First of all, if the manufacturer contacts you, you need to confirm at the first time whether you are in contact with the regular manufacturer. With the rise of Alibaba's e-commerce, major companies have poured into Alibaba, but the threshold for Alibaba's platform is very low. Many companies are not regular manufacturers, but they also sell waterproof testing equipment. Special attention should be paid to manufacturers similar to middlemen who pick up baskets in order to obtain the median price difference. The information provided to you may also be obtained from other conventional manufacturers. When buying a machine, you believe you can go to the company for on-site inspection. Of course, this is not to say that these companies are completely unreliable. For some professional distributors, you can also choose the manufacturer to cooperate with.

The second point is the price range of waterproof testing equipment. When consumers buy other products, they all know to shop around, not to mention large-scale waterproof testing equipment. Choosing carefully is absolutely correct! When comparing existing quotations, the purchase price range is recommended. Too big. Low-priced products usually cannot guarantee product performance and subsequent after-sales service. I believe many people can understand. For products that are too high, we need to consider the cost budget. It is best to ask the supplier to provide a detailed list of materials and labor costs.

The third point is that waterproof testing equipment can be measured by a third party, and unqualified products can be returned and replaced unconditionally. The equipment test data is accurate and stable.

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