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Direct pressure air tightness test equipment

Direct pressure air tightness test equipment

The four-channel air-tightness direct pressure testing machine is a multi-channel air-tightness testing equipment. The difference between this type and single-channel air-tightness testing equipment is that it can perform multi-station air-tightness testing/waterproofing on multiple products at the same time Detection, greatly improving the detection efficiency

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The four-channel air-tightness direct pressure testing machine belongs to the multi-channel air-tightness testing equipment.Air tightness test equipmentThe difference is that it can carry out multi-station air tightness testing/waterproof testing on multiple products at the same time, which greatly improves the testing efficiency. The workpiece of the four-channel air tightness direct pressure test integrated machine is sealed by an external fixture, so the tested workpiece forms an independent sealed cavity. Fill the workpiece with internal compressed air or vacuum. Determine whether the workpiece is qualified by detecting the pressure change in the workpiece. For customers who need mass testing, this type of air tightness testing equipment is more suitable, reducing the testing cost of a single product.

The four-channel air tightness testing machine is our main equipment, which can be used to test the air tightness and waterproofness of the target, verify whether the customer's product is qualified in this aspect, and ensure the yield rate. Compressed air is used as the medium to pass the air tightness. A series of adjustment and detection processes such as differential pressure sensors and precision pressure regulators of the test equipment complete the judgment of the quality of the tested products.



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