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Air tightness tester

Air tightness tester

Single-channel computer controlled airtight desktop differential pressure airtightness detector machine (WTS-202) Channel type: single-channel pressure method: positive and negative pressure pressure adjustment method: manual adjustment Pressure adjustment range: -20Kpa~200Kpa / -40K

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Single channel computer controlled airtight bench differential pressure testing machine (WTS-202)

Channel type:

Single channelWaterproof detector

Pressure method:

Positive and negative pressure

Pressure adjustment method:

manual adjustment

Pressure adjustment range:

-20Kpa~200Kpa / -40Kpa~400Kpa

Pressure adjustment accuracy:

GG amp;#177;0.5%FS

Pressure repeatability:


Sensor measuring range:


Sensor accuracy:




touch screen:

10-inch color LCD

Operation interface:



Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian

Number of programs:

32 subroutines


Automatic judgment/sound + light alarm

Control I/O interface:

Input/output: START, STOP, 8 groups of relay control functions (can be connected to safety gratings and solenoid valves)

Serial communication RS232C:

Input and output: test data and set value receive external PLC control signal


Software upgrade update, barcode scanner, U disk, mouse


Connect to the printer and print test records (optional)

Network port:

PC function (optional)

Barcode scanning:

Bar code, two-dimensional code (optional)

history record

100,000 test results can be stored, and can be exported to the computer via U disk


Air tightness test series
○Application: automobile and motorcycle accessories, security, communications, digital, daily chemicals, hardware, plastics, electronics,
Airtightness and waterproof testing of various products such as toys and lighting.
○The main specifications and technical parameters are as follows:
○The external dimensions of the host: 670*650*1350mm
○Waterproof detector test method: differential pressure type
○Test accuracy: 0.25%FS
○Resolution: 1pa
○Test pressure: 0-700kpa
○ Qualified and unqualified are displayed by LED green indicator light and red indicator light for users to see at a glance.
○Waterproof detector adopts high-precision pressure sensor
○The detection time can be adjusted from 0-2000S
○Adjustable voltage stabilization time 0-500S
○Exhaust time adjustable 0-1000S
○0 Leakage solenoid valve
○Statistics on the number of qualified and unqualified products tested every day
○Allowable leakage value can be adjusted from 5-65
○Power supply: 220V-AC000pa
○Air source 4-8bar
○Weight: 160kg
○Structure: Overall
○The pressure unit of the instrument is set to kpa when it leaves the factory, that is, kilopascals as the unit
○Pressure unit conversion: 1mpa=10bar=10.197kg/c㎡


Display on the right side of the differential pressure air tightness tester


The left side of the differential pressure air tightness tester is displayed


Display on the back of the differential pressure air tightness tester