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Dongguan Weisite Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It is a comprehensive technology company integrating the design, production, sales and service of air tightness testers, audio testers and other non-standard automation equipment.

The company mainly produces:

1. Testing equipment: air tightness testing equipment, air tightness testing equipment, air tightness tester, air tightness tester, air tightness leak detector, air tightness detector, waterproof tester, waterproof detector, waterproof test equipment, Waterproof testing equipment, audio testing equipment, CCD size testing equipment, RF testing equipment, resistance testing equipment, software development, etc.

2. The types of fixtures are: semi-automatic hot melt machine, thermal shaping machine, dispensing machine, CNC fixture, mobile phone fixture, testing fixture, plastic shell fixture, manipulator fixture, cutting nozzle fixture, car positioning fixture, Precision parts processing and hardware fixtures, etc.

The company has a group of experienced management personnel and experienced professional and technical personnel. It is a specialized precision machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating design, machining, assembly, and debugging. The company's customers cover fields such as automobiles, mobile phones, and digital devices. Well-known companies such as BYD, Gengde (Foxconn), Lingyi Manufacturing, Changying, Jierong, Dongjiang Group, Wingtech, Longcheer, Zhuoyi and other well-known enterprises have established long-term friendly cooperative relations. The business involves Dongguan, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places.


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  • 01

    Testing method of waterproof testing equipment

    Many people know that waterproof testing equipment is also called waterproof testing equipment, sealing testing equipment, waterproof testing equipment, dry tester and waterproof testing equipment. They are now essential air tightness testing equipment in the production and packaging process.

  • 02

    How to maintain the waterproof test equipment

    Waterproof test equipment is mainly used to test waterproof products such as mobile phone communication products, watches, hardware and electronic products. The test principle is mainly to conduct waterproof standard experiments with the help of waterproof test equipment to simulate the waterproof function.

  • 03

    Precautions for purchase of waterproof tester

    The stability and repeatability of the waterproof tester can be tested by the quality tester. Whether the most important product can withstand the verification of the same product at different times. If the test data of the same product at different times is large, the test requirements cannot be met

  • 04

    Types and functions of air tightness testing equipment

    The main function of air tightness testing equipment is to test the sealing performance of the product. The air tightness test equipment mainly uses clean compressed gas to directly or indirectly inflate (pump) the product, and analyze the change of the internal or external gas of the product

  • 05

    Introduction to the characteristics of airtight test equipment

    The airtight test equipment can accurately determine the location of the leak, but it is easy to realize automation, short detection time, stable and reliable, and rapid testing. When the airtight test equipment is testing, the tested workpiece can be kept in a dry state, and the leakage can be quantified

  • 06

    Detection method of air tightness tester

    If the test product is completely sealed and there is no air-filling hole, a volumetric direct pressure air tightness tester can be used to make a completely fitted sealed cavity according to the product size, so that the product is completely sealed by the upper cover and the lower module of the lamp

  • 07

    Application of airtight leak detector in new energy vehicles

    New energy vehicles put forward IP68 requirements for the entire service life of power batteries, but the current airtightness test standard setting cannot guarantee that power batteries fully meet the requirements of IP68

  • 08

    Test standard of air tightness tester

    When the product is tested for water resistance, oil resistance, air leakage, IP protection level, etc., we recommend using an air tightness tester for sealing test, but in many cases, we do not know how to formulate corresponding test standards

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