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Leak detector

Leak detector

Also known as air tightness tester, air leak tester, waterproof leak detector, etc., there are many names, mainly used for product tightness testing.

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Leak detectors are also called air tightness testers, air leak testers, and waterproof leak detectors. There are many names and they are mainly used for product tightness testing.

According to the detection method, the leak detector can be divided into positive pressure and negative pressure; according to the detection method, it can be divided into direct pressure method and differential pressure method (current mainstream method); according to the detection purpose, it can be divided into leak detection, blockage detection, and flow rate detection. Micro flow detection

The principle of the leak detector itself is to connect to a sealed space, which is a sealed fixture specially designed for the air tightness detector of electronic products. The product is placed in a test tool to be filled with gas (or evacuated, negative pressure air tightness tester). The high-precision sensor inside the electronic product air tightness tester is used to detect the pressure change in the test fixture. The pressure change attenuation implies whether there are leaks and defects in the electronic product. Then the electronic product air tightness tester will automatically judge whether it is qualified according to the set parameters, and then will give an indicator light to indicate the qualified and unqualified. In particular, it should be noted that in general, the tooling and fixtures are customized according to the shape of the electronic product to be tested, to ensure the accuracy of the test results, and to reduce the original qualified products from being judged as unqualified products due to equipment problems. .