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Air tightness testing equipment

  • Waterproof test equipment

    Its main function is to detect the waterproofness and air tightness of the workpiece. It is now an indispensable testing

  • Leak detector

    Also known as air tightness tester, air leak tester, waterproof leak detector, etc., there are many names, mainly used f

  • Waterproof testing equipment

    According to the different detection methods, the working principle can be divided into two categories: direct pressure

  • Air tightness tester

    Single-channel computer controlled airtight desktop differential pressure airtightness detector machine (WTS-202) Channe

  • Waterproof detector

    The biggest difference between a single-channel computer-controlled differential pressure testing machine and ordinary a

  • Integrated air tightness tester

    The single-channel airtight differential pressure test integrated machine is an integrated model, which combines the ins

  • Tightness testing equipment

    The single-channel airtight differential pressure tester is an improved version of the single-channel airtight tester. O

  • Air tightness test bench

    In addition to customizing the size, it can also customize the shape, number of channels, color, etc., which is more fri

  • Air tightness tester

    The single-channel airtightness direct pressure testing instrument is the most basic airtightness testing instrument. It

  • Four-channel waterproof tester

    The four-channel airtight split differential pressure test is an upgrade of the all-in-one machine. Compared with other

  • Direct pressure air tightness leak detector

    The single-channel air-tightness direct pressure testing machine is our most basic all-in-one machine, but the single-ch

  • Direct pressure air tightness test equipment

    The four-channel air-tightness direct pressure testing machine is a multi-channel air-tightness testing equipment. The d