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Types and functions of air tightness testing equipment

The main function of air tightness testing equipment is to test the sealing performance of the product.Air tightness test equipmentMainly use clean compressed gas to directly or indirectly inflate (pump) the product, analyze the amount of change in the internal or external gas of the product, and determine whether the air tightness of the product can achieve the expected impact. The air tightness test equipment is safe and pollution-free. Soaking in water will contaminate the product and indirectly corrode the product. The operation is very simple. Compared with the helium leak detection or water immersion detection method, the air tightness detection device can master the operation method without the operator's excessive body movement or long-term training operation. The types and functions of air tightness testing equipment are mainly manifested in the following aspects:


1. Differential pressure type air tightness testing equipment

Compared with the traditional direct pressure leak detector, the differential pressure air tightness testing equipment mainly uses a high-sensitivity differential pressure sensor to test higher accuracy; adopts a large-caliber air control valve, which has fast inflation speed and good sealing performance. Heat generation and long service life. It can greatly reduce labor costs and inspection links.

2. Flow-type air tightness testing equipment

The micro-flow type air tightness testing equipment mainly checks whether the workpiece is qualified by comparing the unit time by detecting the air flow of the tested component and the standard component. This leak detector uses a micro flow sensor, which can directly read the airflow passing through the sensor, and can directly display the leakage rate of the test piece. The test result has nothing to do with the volume of the test piece, the test process is simple and fast, and the test result is true and accurate. The application of microfluidic air tightness testing equipment is also very extensive.

The air tightness test equipment is suitable for the tightness test of flexible packaging bags, plastic bottles and cans in the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. This test can effectively compare and evaluate the sealing technology and sealing performance of flexible packaging. The principle of air tightness testing equipment is to use compressed air as a power source, a vacuum generator as an energy conversion element, and a microcomputer to control the degree of vacuum. The speed is high, the precision is high, and the parameters can be set digitally. According to the settings, the test process is programmed to run. The vacuum degree and time will be automatically tested, automatically closed and automatically blown back.

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