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Maintenance method of air tightness tester

The main task of daily maintenance of the air tightness tester is to check the overall appearance of the air tightness tester and the integrity of the battery power. At the same time, in order to ensure the correctness of the detection of the air tightness tester, a quick test is required to detect the correctness and accuracy of the response of the metering sensor to the gas.

For instruments with built-in pumps, it is also necessary to check the air tightness of the pump system (specific operation method: after turning on the instrument, block the intake terminal of the pump system, such as a sampling probe, directly go to the instrument to send out a pump flow block alarm, indicating that the instrument is pumping The airtight performance of the system is normal, otherwise it cannot be used).


Since the sensor of the air tightness tester is a measuring instrument, the detection deviation will occur over time. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically correct this deviation of the air tightness tester, which is what we usually call calibration.

According to the requirements of the International Safety Equipment Association, there is no so-called fixed period for regular calibration. It is determined according to the actual environment and frequency of the air tightness tester. As long as the meter fails the quick test, it means the deviation of the meter sensor. If the deviation is too large, it will affect the test results and need to be calibrated.

In order to facilitate the user to better define the management of the air tightness tester, we usually recommend that customers at least regularly perform regular maintenance, including the calibration of the air tightness tester.

At the same time, for the pump suction air tightness tester, additional regular maintenance is required, that is, the filter of the pump system is regularly checked (mainly to check the internal filter diaphragm of the pumped product, to check whether there is a failure, and the method to determine the failure It is to observe the color change of the filter membrane (the color of the cleaning membrane is pure white, and the color of the failed filter membrane is yellow-black).

In the following working environment, you need to consider quick test, calibration check or calibration of the air tightness tester:

1.. Long-term exposure to or use in abnormal environment (such as high temperature)/low, high/low humidity or air particle environment.

2. Exposure to high concentration (or over range) target gas or vapor.

3. The catalytic combustion sensor reacts to the environment where the filament is exposed to toxic or suppressed gas for a long time.

4. Electrochemical sensors are exposed to solvent vapors and highly interfering gases.

5. Poor storage and operating environments such as air tightness testers may drop onto hard surfaces or sink into water, which will affect the meter circuit.

6. The custody monitoring of the air tightness tester has been changed.

7. When the working environment of the air tightness tester changes, it may affect the normal use of the sensor.

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