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Use of waterproof tester

The waterproof tester mainly uses purified dry air as a working medium to test the sealing performance of a cavity with a certain internal volume. It can also be used in series or parallel for other tests. However, the gas-liquid two-phase flow system and the gas-solid two-phase flow system cannot be directly tested, otherwise it may cause the test result to be wrong or cause irreparable damage to the instrument.

Waterproof tester is a state monitoring and testing equipment, which can be used to form a control alarm system or special testing equipment. For example, an airtight instrument and a special fixture can be combined to become a special machine tool for an assembly line to test the airtight performance of the workpiece.


The waterproof tester is suitable for the sealing test of packaging bags, bottles, tubes, cans, boxes, etc. in the food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, daily chemical, automotive, electronic components, stationery and other industries. After the drop and pressure test, the sealing performance of the sample can also be tested.

The waterproof tester passes through the vacuum chamber, the sample that is not immersed in it will produce a pressure difference between the inside and the outside, and observe the gas escape in the sample to determine the sealing performance of the sample. By evacuating the vacuum chamber, the test sample generates a pressure difference between the inside and the outside, and the sample shape recovery after the expansion of the sample and the release of the vacuum is observed, so as to determine the sealing performance of the sample.

In order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the waterproof tester and realize intelligent detection, the current common method in the air tightness detection industry is the differential pressure method. The air pressure in the product decreases. By measuring the gas pressure drop in the tested product, we can obtain the gas leakage of the tested product. If the leakage exceeds the allowable leakage range, when the pressure reaches the preset value, the booster channel will automatically close, the detection indicator will light up and the timing test will start. After the test time is over, the preset qualified value is compared with the current value to determine whether the product is qualified.

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