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Instructions for purchasing waterproof test equipment

When purchasing waterproof test equipment, first determine the test pressure according to the inspection requirements of the inspected workpiece, such as positive pressure or negative pressure, and whether the positive pressure is micro pressure, medium pressure or high pressure. Correctly select the air-tightness detector that meets the detection pressure range.


The choice between single-channel and multi-channel depends on the product, production mode, personnel and budget.When there are multiple inspection types in the production line, the parameters required for each type are different. At this time, the user needs to choose a waterproof test equipment with channel function.The first meaning of the accuracy of waterproof testing equipment is accuracy, for example, shooting sports can directly hit the bullseye. The second meaning is the allowable deviation range. The size of the bullseye is the same as the size of the bullseye, and the accuracy of hitting the bullseye in a small area is also high.When the internal volume of the tightness test is greater than 5l, the flow type should be selected as much as possible; for the air tightness test of the workpiece with the internal volume less than 5l, the flow type or the differential pressure type can be selected according to the process requirements.Before filling with leak detection gas, check for large leaks. Evacuate the test piece and observe whether the pumping pressure is maintained within a short period of time. If the test piece can maintain the pumping pressure, it indicates that there is no major leak and can be filled with leak detection gas.

The resolution of the waterproof test equipment only indicates the exact number of digits of the test value, such as 1Pa or 0.1pa. There are many resolution units, such as Pa, ml/min, etc. Please choose according to your own product testing requirements. Repeatability is one of the more important indicators that can reflect the overall performance of the waterproof test equipment, so I will not discuss it in depth for the time being. The so-called repeatability refers to the consistency of the data displayed by the instrument under the same ambient temperature and the same test pressure. The strength of the manufacturer can be comprehensively judged from the quality of the sales staff, market share, customer strength, after-sales service and other aspects.

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