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Precautions for the use of airtight test equipment

Airtight test equipment is also called airtight test equipment. It is called differently according to the purpose, but its main purpose is the same-to use the pressure rise and fall methods to determine the amount of leakage, thereby judging that the product or component is extremely tight.

Air tightness test equipmentIt can be widely used in the air tightness test of various industries. Due to different product characteristics, air tightness testing requires different testing methods. For example, negative pressure detection is more convenient for pharmaceutical packaging bags; if the detection accuracy is strict, the pressure difference is more appropriate. At the same time, due to the low cost of air tightness testing equipment and the non-polluting characteristics of using compressed air as a medium, air tightness testing equipment is favored by manufacturers.


During the leak test of the air tightness detector, if a leak is found in the tested sample, it should not be directly repaired under pressure. Chalk can be used to mark leaks. After the leak detection of the entire system is completed, the air tightness leak tester will be repaired after the pressure is relieved.

It is used for air tightness test in winter. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃, the air tightness detector can prevent the soapy water from solidifying and affect the leakage test effect. A certain amount of alcohol can be added to soapy water or white wine to reduce the curing temperature to ensure the leak detection effect.

The number of repair welding of welded joints shall not exceed two times. If more than twice, the welded joint should be sawed off or the pipe should be re-welded with waterproof test equipment. If a slight leak is found, it should also be repaired, and squeezing and squeezing methods are not allowed to make it leak-proof. After completing the leak repair work, the pressure test should be performed again until the entire system does not leak.

Users can compare products according to a simple test experiment group, such as using different temperature differences to test the water resistance and air tightness of different time periods, and can test poor quality air tightness test equipment. The data will not have large errors and the quality is very high. In this case, there will be no high-quality airtight test equipment with measurement accuracy calibration. Users can also use this method to make preliminary preparations when choosing to purchase excluded items.

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